Kendo equipment varies in price and materials. It is up to the invidividual to decide what feels best. The main differences between lower/mid-range and top-range bogu sets is the type of material used, with high priced sets using more premium cotton, special padding material, deerskin, and bamboo for the doū. Overall, a good set of bogu, regardless of price, is very protective and can last many years if properly maintained. The only real consumable all kendoka have is the shinai.

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Kendo Men


The men is designed to protect the head with minimal feeling of impact during a strike.

Kendo Kote


The kote is designed to protect the hands, wrist, and lower forearm.

Kendo Dou


The doū is designed to protect the upper chest and lower abdomen (your stomach area).

Kendo Dou

Tare & Zekken

The tare is designed to protect the waist, groin, and upper thigh. The zekken identifies the kendoka.

Kendo Dou


The kendogi is tradtional clothing worn during kendo. Made of cotton or synthetic fibers.

Kendo Dou


The tenugui is a simple cotton "towel" worn on the head and used to absorb sweat and keep hair out of the eyes.

Kendo Shinai


Made of bamboo, the shinai is the main weapon in kendo. Men and women have different sizes.

Kendo Bokken


In Kendo the bokken is a weapon used only for kata. Kendoka require 2; 1 short and 1 long.

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