• First and foremost

    You must ensure that you are in good physical condition and medically fit to begin kendo. Kendo is mentally and physically demanding. All beginners are required to submit a medical clearance form prior to starting kendo.

  • What else do I need to know?

    Kendo is a full contact martial art using shinai (bamboo swords) and bogu (armour). Bogu only protects the vital parts of the body. Therefore, beginners must further sign a waiver that confirms that they understand the risks and cannot hold JKA, IKA, or any fellow members responsible for any injuries incurred during kendo.

  • What will I need to bring?

    Beginners will only need loose clothing (we recommend clothing that is breathable) and a complete shinai for the first 6 months of training. Beginners will be advised of any additional equipment or items by the their sensei, as needed.

  • Rules of the dojo

    There a number of rules regarding kendo that are strictly enforced within the dojo. In general, all members are expected to:

    1. Practice good dojo ettiquette, or reiho, inside and outside the dojo.
    2. Be respectful of others and their belongings; if it is not yours, do not touch it.
    3. Keep your equipment in good condition; a shinai in poor condition can be extremely dangerous.
    4. Follow the instructions of your sensei and pay attention during training.
  • Seniors

    Once you have graduated to 3-kyu you will be ready to transition to the senior group and you will need bogu. JKA has a few sets of loaner bogu available on a temporary basis while students arrange the purchase of their own set.

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